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Blando Brome
Blando Brome
Blando Brome
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Blando Brome (Bromus hordeaceus):

Blando Brome seedlings are vigorous and it has an excellent reseeding ability, along with dense fibrous roots which help in reducing soil erosion.  Blando Brome is very adaptable to a wide range if soils and climates.  It is low growing and also matures early.  Blando Brome is used in range, pasture and is an excellent cover crop in orchards and vineyards. 

Plant at 15 lbs. per acre.


For quantities over 1000 lbs. please contact us
by Phone at 800 253 7346 or Click Here for a price quote and delivery options.

Minimum Purchase is 5 lbs. 
Orders over 50 lbs. Can be filled in Increments of 50 lbs only.

Price Level:
Pounds(Qty)Price / pounds
5 - 9 pounds$4.79 per pound
10 - 24 pounds$4.29 per pound
25 - 49 pounds$3.79 per pound
50 - 200 pounds$3.49 per pound
250 - 500 pounds$3.29 per pound




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