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Cover Crops & Erosion Control Mixes
Kodiak Mustard
Kodiak Mustard
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Kodiak Mustard (Brassica juncea) 

Koidak Mustard is very unique cover crop.  Kodiak contains very high levels of glucosynolates, that will break down to form thiocyanates that can control nematodes and organisms which cause soil born diseases.

Kodiak is not a mix or a blend it is all Brassica juncea, the species that has the correct type of glucosinolate to kill disease causing organisms.  When incorporated into the the soil, the green tissues will release volatile compounds, allyl isothiocyanates as a metabolite from the reaction between 2 propenyl glucosinolate and myrosinase.

Kodiak has a higher consentration (more per gram of plant tissue) of glucosinolates and produces more plant biomass that previous varieties.  Kodiak's organic matter breaks faster compared to stardard cover crops. 

Kodiak can cycle large amounts nutrients so that your save your residual nitrogen.  Kodiak also improves water penetration and suppresses weeds while it grows.

When you are ready to incorpate Kodiak into your soil, chop the green cover crop as fine a possible and then disk into the soil as soon as possible.  Kodiak can be incorperated at any green stage of its growth, but the larger you allow it to grow the more total glucosinolate yield you will get -which will max out when the plants begin to go into a reproductive state.  Allow a minimum of two weeks after you incorporate Kodiak before planting a new crop.

Plant at 15-20 pounds per acre, 1/4 inch deep into a moist firm seed bed

Kodiak can be planted in year round in mild climates with the best time being in the fall.  In colder climates in can be planted in the fall for a cover crop that will winter kill or plant in the spring for a traditional method.

Seed production of Kodiak are is restricted in accordance with the Plant Variety Protection Act.

For quantities over 500 lbs. please contact us
by Phone at 800 253 7346 or click here

Minimum Purchase is 5 lbs. 
Orders over 50 lbs. Can be filled in Increments of 50 lbs only

Pounds(Qty)Price / pound
5 - 9 pounds$4.59 per pound
10 - 24 pounds$3.99 per pound
25 - 49 pounds$3.49 per pound
50 - 250 pounds$3.19 per pound
300 - 500 pounds$3.15 per pound
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